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Leadership Academy Texas

A School-Based Program


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Leadership Academy: Texas

Leadership Academy: Texas (the Academy) is a school-based program designed to encourage and inspire today’s student leaders, while simultaneously building relationships between the students, school resource officers, and school counselors. Leadership Academy: Texas (LAT) classes meet bi-weekly and use an evidence based restorative justice model, which has been shown to have significant effect on behavior and academic success. Restorative circles are used to engage students in dialogue on important topics, such as “Be Respectful” and “Value What is Important.” LAT gives students an opportunity to experience positive interactions with law enforcement officers, and gives officers and counselors the opportunity to mentor students.


Facilitator Training

Our 8-hour trainings are free to officer and counselor teams who want to facilitate class on their campus.


Participating Campuses

Launching in 2017, these are the current campuses participating in Leadership Academy: Texas



Information on our community partners, and news about this program.


This program gives officers and counselors the tools they need to connect with their students, and to hear what they’re saying