A school-based program facilitated by officers and counselors





What It’s All About...


Leadership Academy: TX offers free, one-day Facilitator Training Classes for teams of officers and counselors* interested in starting this program on their campus. Academy Facilitators will be trained on; restorative justice practices, adolescent brain development, the importance of community policing, and practical advice on how to build rapport with students at the Facilitator Trainings. Academy Facilitators will become proficient in restorative practices, as well as receive instruction and guidance on how to properly implement and facilitate the Academy on their individual campuses. After attending the Facilitator Training, the officer and counselor team are able to start this program on their individual campuses; LAT will provide all program materials and resources needed to run the class free of charge.  *A team should be made up of at least one officer and one counselor. 


The program is great and provides a wonderful way to be a part of the school.


A sample lesson from our Instructor's Manual:

There are 16 lessons in this character based curriculum, and during the "off weeks" many classes choose to do things like community service projects, where students are able to put these lessons into practice.

All of the lessons are designed around a restorative circle which gives each participant the opportunity to share with the group.

Each lesson has "age appropriate" topic suggestions to discuss with students (at the facilitator's discretion). Things like social media, self-harm, substance abuse etc.

Manual includes; group activities, icebreakers, ideas for community engagement projects, and resources on a wide variety of topics.

*This program is funded through a grant from the Criminal Justice Division of the Texas Office of the Governor. Neither the Office of the Governor nor any of its components operate, control, are responsible for, or necessarily endorse, this website (including, without limitation, its content, technical infrastructure, and policies, and any services or tools provided)