In 2017, TMPA received permission from David Kimberly and the Klein ISD/PD team to adapt Leadership Academy (a program developed by Klein) for a statewide project.  This amazing group of people continue to share their knowledge and experience, as instructors for the Leadership Academy: Texas Facilitator Trainings.  We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to them for not only their continued support, but also for their help creating and updating materials; without them this program would not be possible.



Christi Haggard

Curriculum Writer & Officer at Klein I.S.D. Police Department

Natalie van der Dys

Curriculum Writer & Sergeant at Klein I.S.D. Police Department


Sherri Treadway

Program Pilot Facilitator & Retired Counselor from Blackshear Elementary, Klein I.S.D.

Jennifer Matus

Program Pilot Facilitator & Counselor at Mahaffey Elementary, Klein I.S.D.

Kayla Shaw

Facilitator & Instructional Officer for Counseling and Whole Student Wellness, Klein I.S.D.





Klein ISD and Klein ISD Police Department

In 2015, David Kimberly, Elizabeth Gilleland with their team from Klein ISD and Klein ISD PD  created and launched Leadership Academy at 12 Klein ISD campuses.  Using the content from the Handbook for Success, they added a series of reflective questions, and expanded the materials to reach students through restorative practices.  They continue to do amazing work in their community and beyond.  As of 2018, 1700 students have gone through Klein's Leadership Academy program; which is at 35 of their elementary and middle school campuses.  They have seen amazing results in the lives of countless students since the program began.  Klein ISD PD has generously shared their work with many other districts, and in 2017 Klein ISD PD gave this grant program permission to replicate their work statewide.  We are thankful for their partnership, and to have them share their knowledge and experience with attendees at Leadership Academy: Texas Facilitator Trainings.

He has a sense of pride already from being invited into the group. I hope this gives him confidence and strengthens his “voice”!
— anonymous parent


Bill Hyche is the author of the Handbook for Success, which he wrote as a way to pass along some of the lessons he learned from his family, friends, and colleagues throughout the years to his children and grandchildren.  We are thankful to Bill for sharing these life lessons with us as well.  “What started as a book for my grandchildren has become an eye opening way to not only connect with a young person but to provide a playbook for how to be a kind and successful person for the rest of their lives. I'm proud and encouraged to see law enforcement, educators and executives embrace this book as a tool to open a dialog and build relationships with the youth around them.” -Bill Hyche