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q: Are you going to have more trainings?

A:  Yes, see the facilitator training tab for upcoming dates and locations.

q: What do I need to do to start a LAT on my campus? 

A: First, you must attend a Facilitator Training. Secondly, the Principal, AP or District Superintendent (depending on your local policy) must sign an MOU with Leadership Academy: Texas, enabling LAT to collect data on the effectiveness of the program. LAT collects both quantitative and qualitative student data (which has been previously de-identified) including data on; GPA, interactions with the criminal justice system, school discipline interactions, and students’ attitude toward law enforcement; as well as how safe students feel at school. This is done in order to track the success of the program. *you can download a copy of the MOU on the ‘Campuses’ page*

q: Is our school campus required to have a School Resource Officer on staff?

A:  No. Any community-based officer will fulfill that criteria, as long as their supervisor approves and supports their participation in this program.


Q: Do you need to have both the officer and the school counselor attend the Facilitator Training together and start the program at our school?

A:  Yes, both the officer and the counselor must attend the training; preferably together. If there are scheduling conflicts, or extenuating circumstances, arrangements can be made so the two facilitators can attend different trainings.


Q: What is the cost of this program?

A:  We are a grant funded program and provide all the training, instructor manuals and the students’ books free of charge. Some schools have raised money to provide Leadership Academy t-shirts to the students, but that is optional. *cost of hotel/food while at training is the responsibility of the individual/department*


Q: Can I train other people in this program?

A:  No, we are only able to provide materials and support to individuals who we directly train.

q: If we’ve gone through a training with klein previously, can we participate in this program?

A: Yes. We would still be able to supply books and materials for Leadership Academy classes on your campus, as long as all the required paperwork is submitted.

Q: What are the lessons based on?

A:  The curriculum is character/values based, and the lessons are designed to spark a conversation among students about how those values apply to real life.  There is also optional age appropriate topics which go along with each lesson. *You can find a sample lesson under the "About" tab*


Q: What is the format for the lessons?

A:  Students sit in a circle with their officer and counselor who facilitate using Restorative/Relationship Practice principals; including use of a talking piece to help insure everyone has a chance to share. 

The group begins with an icebreaker, followed by a “round” in which the facilitator will ask the group a question and each person will have a chance to answer. The facilitator will bring up key points/lessons that can be learned from this discussion; and then end with a closing activity.

There are also "off week"activities, including community engagement projects where students are able to live out being a leader in their community.  *You can find a sample lesson under the "about" tab*


This student lost a friend earlier in the school year and he was having a really hard time with it. He was noticeably down for the last couple of months. Since he has joined LAT, I have seen his smile return. I KNOW this is making a difference for him.
— anonymous facilitator

I really enjoy being part of Leadership Academy. It makes me feel noticed and important/feel comfortable there, but I’m pretty shy, so I don’t like to talk or share much.
— Anonymous Student