After completing this program 82% of students surveyed said they felt comfortable talking to their school officer and 87% felt comfortable talking to their school counselor

What students had to say...

in answer to the Question:

"what do you feel like you've learned from being in leadership Academy?" 


-I've learned to take others into consideration, be more alert to what I'm saying or doing to being good or bad [and] teaching me to be more a leader.

-I have learned so much more about how to become a better student and how to become better as a friend!

-I learned that even through the little things, people have noticed me. I pretty much feel like I'm invisible to others, but being in Leadership Academy is proof that I'm not so invisible and that there are people like me. I'm actually part of a group that matters to me. I feel like I have grown as a person. I know approach things in a different way. I have become a lot less shy and I am a lot more out there, where people can see me.

-I feel like I have learned to be a more positive role model.

-I have learned that it is ok to speak out and to stand up for others. The world needs leaders and not followers. It is good to just be yourself and not who everyone else wants you to be. I have learned that there are many characteristics that make a leader that i have or need to work more on. I have also met some very nice new people who I'm sure will become some great friends of mine.

-That you can do anything, no matter how old you are, or your gender, or your skin color

-I learned how to get over my fears of publicly speaking. I'm now able to connect and understand people better.

-Respect and honesty

-I have learned the importance of many things including friendship, respect, leadership, kindness, and many more.

-I feel like i have learned how to be a leader in my community and at my school.

-I've learned to be more comfortable with talking to large groups, & I'm more open to helping others!

-That it's not always doing the big grand gestures that make you a leader. It's doing the right thing; even if it may be a small gesture.

-I've learned that there are little things that I can do everyday that will help me become a leader.

-I think I've learned how to be more outspoken and that it's ok for me to express how i feel and to stand up for myself.

-I've learned how to do the right thing even when people aren't watching.

What parents had to say...

in answer to the Question:

"what do you feel like your student gained from participating in the academy?"

-Leadership Academy has been such a wonderful experience for [our daughter].  She's a great student, and very outgoing but I noticed an even greater gain in self-confidence than she had before.  She loved it!

-More confidence, better understanding of being a servant leader, being more aware of the needs around him.  More comfortable with campus police & administrators etc.  Thank you so much for giving him the opportunity! He definitely enjoyed it!

-I feel that my child's confidence level has strengthened and her ability to solve personal problems has improved.  She is learning how to relate and express herself in a manner that can be understood by all.

-Leadership skills, self-confidence, knowledge of how to work in a group of peers, mentor skills.

-We feel like [our son] has enjoyed the mentorship from the Academy.  Also, he has realized just how much he enjoys the responsibilities from the Leadership Academy.  From cleaning tables to talking to elementary kids; he has enjoyed it all.  We are extremely grateful for this opportunity.

-I'm glad for an opportunity outside of student counsel that offers the kids exposure to true service and leadership.  This opportunity has been a point of pride for our daughter.

-Improvement in leadership and public speaking skills.

-Leadership and to want to do for others..  She loves this program and all that it stands for.